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Upgrade Your Grow Capabilities With The Experts In Cultivation Facility Design

Your Cannabis Engineering Partner

Mintropy is a team of expert engineers with an in-depth understanding of cultivation facility design and extensive experience supporting indoor grow methods. By providing innovative mechanical, electrical, plumbing, and process management solutions, Mintropy’s engineers ensure high-yielding cannabis cultivation, supreme-quality crops, and streamlined growth operations while minimizing upfront costs and ongoing operational expense.

Optimize Plant Quality

Precision system design and controls systems allow for medical grade cultivation

Meticulous Pre-planning

It is imperative to pre-plan before starting design, we will guide you with developed strategies to ensure future project success.

Minimize Energy and Operating Costs

State-of-the-Art HVAC designs allow owners to reduce ongoing energy and operational costs

In-Depth Design Expertise

Energy consumption for indoor cultivation typically varies between 20%-50% of total operating costs. Mintropy’s team of experts leverages their knowledge and field expertise to create optimal growth environments tailored to your specific cannabis production facility based on locale and plant strains.

By developing the best methodology and engineering solutions in conformity with the geographical code requirements and climate specifications, Mintropy creates highly controllable, sustainable, and efficient growth systems that maximize yields and withstand increasing cultivation demands.

A Full-Service Team For Your Indoor Grow Needs

Applied Industry Expertise

With extensive experience designing and allocating high-yielding cannabis growth facilities across the country, Mintropy’s engineers bring the best methodology and a multifaceted approach to cultivation facility design. By addressing each project as a unique situation,
Mintropy applies a detailed testing and design operation to ensure optimal growth environments and governmental authorization for your facility.

Optimized Cannabis Cultivation

With an in-depth understanding of cannabis growth processes and optimal temperature, pressure, lighting, and moisture allow us to maximize yields. Each strain has different needs. As a result, each growth facility needs to cater to several different types of plants. Fine-control of systems allows for quick adaptation to varying strains as the need arises. We give you full control over what you produce and how you can adapt your facility to meet new demands.

Ensured Administrative Clearance

As our client we pay special attention your needs and bring our experience to your aid.  We are purveyors of the “customer knows best”.  Likewise our job is to listen to your wants and use our experience to tailor it to the requirements of your site, to ensure your facility’s Mechanical, Electrical, and Plumbing systems are engineered specifically for your application. Our team will ensure that your facility employs state of the art design practices and the latest applicable codes.

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