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Mintropy excels in minimizing-entropy (chaos) within our field of practice, thereby generating true value to our clients. We are a full-service Mechanical, Electrical, Plumbing, and Energy (MEP) consulting engineering firm that specializes in developing, economically evaluating, and project managing design solutions for building MEP systems. Our expertise extends to both design and construction, ensuring a comprehensive range of services aimed at minimizing disorder and maximizing efficiency and thus creating high-value solutions that align with our clients' needs and goals.


Our vision, mission, and values

At its core, mintropy focuses to minimize disorder in the problem-solving process, thereby yielding the highest quality service at the lowest possible cost to its customers. We believe that trust, simplicity, quality, and the ability to evolve are corner stones to building long lasting relationships and creating true value in our field of practice.

We prefer shaking hands to ringing registers. We are believers that our most important asset is the rock we’ve been evolving on for the past 5 million years.

Therefore, our design approach encourages a cohesiveness with nature, and we strive to find ways to incorporate our ever-increasing technological advancements back into harmony with mother nature. We also believe that the people that support and help our mission are the most important investment we will ever make, and we are extremely proactive to demonstrate that.


Kevin Quinlan, P.E., LEED GA / Principal

For 16 years, Kevin Quinlan has been an influential figure in the built environment and building design sectors. This seasoned entrepreneur's success is built upon pillars of innovation, meticulous engineering execution, and rigorous quality assurance.

As the President of mintropy, Kevin infuses the firm with a distinctive energy. His leadership combines a deep-seated curiosity, thorough research, and an adeptness for hands-on design. More than just an engineer, Kevin possesses a unique ability to bridge the gap between theoretical physics and tangible design, distinguishing him in his field. His ethos—grounded in experimentation and precision—powers mintropy, manifesting in projects that harmoniously meld engineering design, cutting-edge technology, and sustainability.

Treasured Tools: Kevin’s multi-colored pen symbolizes his multifaceted approach, while his calculator and tape measure embody precision and pragmatism.

Education & Affiliations:
M.S. in Mechanical Engineering, University of Illinois Chicago
B.S. in Physics, Illinois State University

Certifications & Memberships:
Licensed Professional Engineer in: AZ, CA, CT, MI, IN, WI, IL, NJ, FL, OR, CO. LEED Certified ASHRAE

Mohit Lokane, LEED AP, CAPM

Meet Mohit, a dynamic and passionate Electrical Engineer who embodies the essence of creativity, problem-solving prowess, and an unwavering dedication to sustainable design. With a wealth of experience spanning project types - from residential and commercial to mixed-use, healthcare, hospitality, and cultivation projects - Mohit's enthusiasm for innovation and his knack for crafting ingenious solutions set him apart in his field.

Education and Affiliations:
MS in Electrical and Computer Engineering from University of Illinois at Chicago
BE in Electrical and Electronics Engineering from Gujarat Technological University

Certifications and Memberships:
LEED AP: Holding the coveted Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design credential, Mohit exemplifies his resolute commitment to sustainable practices that shape a better future.
WELL AP: Mohit's WELL certification is a testament to his dedication in designing spaces that not only function seamlessly but also prioritize the holistic well-being of occupants.CEM Certified: Recognized as a Certified Energy Manager, Mohit's proficiency in energy-efficient design and management adds a vital layer to his multifaceted skill set.

Personal Interests:
Curiosity Unleashed: Mohit's inquisitive spirit finds expression in tinkering with circuit boards and exploring the boundless possibilities of technology.

Nature's Ally: When not immersed in his engineering pursuits, you'll find Mohit seeking solace in the embrace of nature - from tranquil conservatory visits to invigorating hikes alongside his loyal canine companion. Swimming, too, is a source of rejuvenation, embodying his love for both the elements and a balanced lifestyle.

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Innovative and Sustainable Design

Our unique design approach focuses on creating sustainable solutions that reduce environmental impact while maximizing value. We use cutting-edge technology and materials to design solutions that save energy, and water, and reduce waste.


Expertise and Proactive Investment

Our team of experts has extensive experience in solving complex problems and delivering high-quality solutions. We invest heavily in our employees' training, development, and well-being to foster a culture of collaboration, innovation, and continuous improvement.


Cost-Effective Solutions

We aim to deliver the highest quality service at the lowest possible cost to our customers. Our approach minimizes disorder in the problem-solving process, resulting in efficient and effective solutions that provide significant cost savings for our clients.

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