As our name suggests, we aim to minimize complexity in our offerings ​

while taking a cue from how nature designs her systems. We combine simple phenomena that have kept ecosystems thriving for millennia into systems that stay true to those principles.

It doesn’t matter if your mechanical needs are high-tech or low-tech, Mintropy has got you covered. We believe that when you pair innovation with purpose, you can build solutions that aren’t merely groundbreaking but push industry boundaries further than they’ve ever gone before.

Among the mechanical services we offer include:

Mechanical Engineering

HVAC Mechanical Services ​

We offer professional mechanical services for HVAC that covers both industrial and commercial needs. We’ve also done work for institutional and governmental agencies, and our expertise speaks for itself. Our team is trained in dealing with heat recovery systems as well as controlled climate systems. Our extensive range of projects gives us unique insight, allowing us to select the best HVAC solution for their needs or build custom ones that fit their particular situation.

Central Plant Systems

We provide central plant solutions for heating, cooling, compressed air, and electricity generation. Our central plant systems follow our strict adherence to keeping things as straightforward as possible while offering our clients the benefit of professionally installed architecture

Temperature Control Systems

We deal with the installation of automatic temperature control systems. Our expertise in the design and building of custom HVAC solutions has given our professionals ample experience with these automated control systems.

Removing the need to intervene manually can increase the energy efficiency of an HVAC system significantly. Let us help you choose an automatic temperature control system that can fit your needs.

Life Cycle Cost Analysis (LCCA)

How much will your building cost to maintain over its entire life? Our trained experts offer an estimate that’s backed up by hard facts to gauge what you’ll be facing as a building, and its systems get older. An LCCA allows a building owner to balance the cost of maintaining a building with the expected income the structure can generate.

Whether you want to maximize your building’s productivity, or are merely curious about how much maintenance costs will increase as the building ages, an LCCA is a useful tool. Let our experts point you in the right direction.

Simulations for Performance and Analysis

Computer simulations have advanced a lot since its early days. Given the right inputs (and professionals that know how to read results), you can optimize your mechanical processes. Our professionals help clients build computer simulations that take into account their mechanical systems to understand better how they can increase their buildings’ efficiency.

Expert & Experienced Service Delivery

Our wide array of mechanical services try to cover all the bases when it comes to the needs of a company. If you’re interested in one of these services (or a custom service you don’t see here), send us your information below, and we’ll get in touch with you as soon as possible.

At Mintropy, we believe in offering simple solutions that work. Let us help you simplify your complicated problems.

‘How we Work’

3-Step Process

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Our process starts with the strategic intake of our clients project vision to identify goals and expectations.

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Refine and innovate our clients vision using our insight. Concrete plans are developed to ensure success.

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Our resources are allocated through completion. Clients receiveprompt, expert, hands-on support.

Engineering Services

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