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Building Information Modeling encompasses ​

Building Information Modeling encompasses several design suites from Revit to MicroStation. Our staff has worked alongside companies in several industries, including architecture, construction, and engineering, to design 3D rendered models of their designs.

Mintropy prides itself on being a one-stop-shop where we can offer you plans, conversions, and advice. BIM’s primary use comes during the planning stage of a project, and our engineers are on hand to help our clients with their determination of risk, resources, and automation that they may need heading into those projects.

Among the services we offer in the field of BIM are:

Format Conversion

If you have a particular file in one format but don’t have the means to convert it to a usable one, our experts are here to help. With access to CAD platforms such as Revit, SketchUp, and MicroStation, we can easily take a file done under one suite and rebuild it over to a format that suits your company’s professionals. We can even develop construction drawings extracted from a BIM file, for ease of use out on the field.

Structural Details from BIM

Not only can we build blueprints out of BIM information, but we can also develop structural details such as mechanical, electrical, and even fire prevention measures. These details can be invaluable to engineers at work on the project.

Clash Detection and Coordination

Clash detection automates the process of resolving mechanical, electrical, and plumbing conflicts. Mintropy’s clash detection and coordination service ensures that physical locations don’t overlap, saving time and money in on-the-fly rerouting. Additionally, all building details can be checked for compliance beforehand. By leveraging 3D BIM technology, we can help you resolve clashes before construction starts, to make for a more efficient building process.

Fabrication and Shop Drawings

Detail drawings are essential to the proper construction of internal, unseen elements of a building. Cross-sectional drawings and fabrication drawings can be extracted from BIM modeling files by trained personnel. Mintropy’s experts use Revit to create structural fabrication and shop drawings for cross-sectional details. Our drawing extraction service deals explicitly with reconstructing these drawings based on BIM information.

Updating Models based on Revisions

No drawing is 100% accurate on the first iteration, and we understand that you’ll need to see updated versions of the look-and-feel of your project with each update. Mintropy makes this easy by automatically updating the drawing details with each new revision of drawings and cross-sectional information that comes in. Architects and designers should always have an appreciation for the bigger picture, and our update services are on hand to keep you in the loop regarding your building’s final design.

Professional Building Information Modeling Services

With the advances in technology in the field, Mintropy understands that businesses need to evolve how they see planning and design. With the right approach, a company can potentially speed up their design process and minimize delays due to unforeseen circumstances. If you’re interested in our BIM services or simply want to ask about something we didn’t mention, send us a message, and our administrative staff will get back to you shortly!

‘How we Work’

3-Step Process

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Our process starts with the strategic intake of our clients project vision to identify goals and expectations.

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Refine and innovate our clients vision using our insight. Concrete plans are developed to ensure success.

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Our resources are allocated through completion. Clients receiveprompt, expert, hands-on support.

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