Construction projects can be time-consuming ​

Mintropy’s construction administration services offer professional oversight to companies that need it in their construction projects. Our engineers provide both technical support as well as administrative scheduling to help our clients achieve their goals. Our construction administration services advocate for our clients’ interests, putting them in perspective throughout their financial decision-making process.

Not only do we offer oversight through supervision, but we also seek to ensure that our client meets the specifications of their contract documents. Our engineers are trained in guiding personnel to meet the exacting standards of equipment, materials, and construction techniques in keeping with what the project demands.

Among the services we offer are:

Engineers for Construction Administration

Scheduling, Costing, and Tracking

Dealing with construction projects usually means juggling a lot of different disciplines. Our engineers understand the necessity of planning in such a complex endeavor. They seek to ensure that every aspect is accounted for. From developing schedules that utilize substantial milestones, to estimating costs and tracking completion percentages, Mintropy’s experts bring to the table years of experience to dedicate to your project’s success.

Project Construction Records

We deal with the details of maintaining project records during the duration of the construction. All documents, including RFI’s, ASI’s, RFP/CO’s, etc. are kept in an easily accessible database ensuring you can retrieve them at your convenience.

Ensuring As-Built Completeness

At the end of a project, you’re going to need quality assurance on the completed product. Our engineers will inspect the final product alongside as-built drawings to determine whether it meets the standards for completeness. Mintropy’s engineers use their extensive expertise to offer you advice on if a completed project is sufficient, or whether more work needs to be done to meet the standards of the contract.

Managing Submittal Schedules

In a construction project, submittal schedules, including the approval and fabrication of equipment, material, etc. make up a lot of the paperwork. Mintropy believes that dealing with this paper-based portion of the job frees up personnel to work on the actual construction. Let our engineers worry about the submittal schedules and approvals for you.

Representative During Construction

Our services aren’t limited to providing support for construction companies. Our engineers are well-versed in understanding the details of construction projects and serve as ideal representatives on the construction site in place of the owner. Let Mintropy’s experts ensure that you get the quality you want from your construction project, even though you’re not there to oversee it yourself.

Project Closeout

Construction projects deal with a lot of complicated mechanisms, and project closeout is the point where the company needs to deal with the final phase of construction before handover. Mintropy’s project closeout services help you deal with cleaning the construction site, waste disposal, and the removal of temporary structures before the owner gets the building in hand.

Construction Administration from the Experts

Construction projects can be complicated endeavors, requiring a particular type of expert to deal with sorting the complexity out. Mintropy’s goal has always been to keep things as simple as possible, but no simpler. Allow us to help you manage your construction projects. Leave your details below, and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible!

‘How we Work’

3-Step Process

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Our process starts with the strategic intake of our clients project vision to identify goals and expectations.

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Refine and innovate our clients vision using our insight. Concrete plans are developed to ensure success.

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Our resources are allocated through completion. Clients receiveprompt, expert, hands-on support.

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