Energy Engineering

Energy conservation, especially in this era of sustainability

Mintropy’s core focus has always been on providing sustainable solutions, and our energy consultancy and engineering services are no exception.

Our team of qualified professionals includes experts with LEED accreditation alongside our own in-house mechanical and electrical engineers. Through their efforts, Mintropy aims to create practical, cost-effective solutions for your company’s energy needs.

Among the services that Mintropy offers include:

LEED Design Services

LEED is the national standard for green buildings. Our engineers offer LEED design services that focus on functionality without sacrificing sustainability. A LEED designed building provides the peace of mind that the structure and its systems will remain sustainable well into the future, lowering the company’s carbon footprint. Let us at Mintropy handle your LEED building design for you.

Building Energy Audits

You can’t deal with energy waste until you know where that energy excess is going. Energy audits provide building owners with critical information about opportunities for the more efficient operation of the building’s core systems. Mintropy’s approach deals with examining the existing systems and determining where cost-effective solutions can lead to economic returns during both the short and long term.

Energy Use Benchmarking

How well do you stack up against others in the industry? Energy use benchmarking provides you with an idea of your building’s energy usage as opposed to your peers and competition.

Going hand-in-hand with energy audits, benchmarking can determine if your building can be more efficient, and exactly how wasteful you are in comparison with other similar companies.

Conceptual Engineering / Master Planning

When building a power plant, conceptual engineering allows a company to simulate critical elements before construction starts. Mintropy’s conceptual engineering services cover feasibility and sensitivity analysis, the optimum power generation values, and even thermodynamic modeling of the plant. Other factors, such as the choice of equipment and mass and energy balance, can also be included for a more well-rounded picture of the proposed power plant. The development of structures such as these requires extreme amounts of planning before execution.

Energy Modeling

Simulations of energy systems have advanced to the point that, given accurate enough inputs, you can get reliable results. Mintropy’s engineers are skilled in energy modeling for our clients, dealing with different scenario analyses depending on what the client needs.

LEED Support

Green building is no small feat, and at Mintropy, we’re always ready to help our clients maintain their sustainability through our consultancy. Our accredited personnel and engineers can lend their expertise to our clients to guide them in their green building initiatives. The goal for Mintropy is to ensure that your building and its systems lower their impact on the environment.

Professional Energy Consulting Services

Mintropy believes that serving our clients comes from understanding their needs concerning their goals. Thus, our professional staff helps our clients grasp the pathway to sustainability and assist them in implementing their solutions. If you’re interested in our hands-on approach to energy consulting, contact us below, and we’ll get back to you shortly!

‘How we Work’

3-Step Process

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Our process starts with the strategic intake of our clients project vision to identify goals and expectations.

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Refine and innovate our clients vision using our insight. Concrete plans are developed to ensure success.

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Our resources are allocated through completion. Clients receiveprompt, expert, hands-on support.

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