Outdoor enthusiasts face many challenges with modern day navigation systems. Current solutions overlook dynamic condition analysis, customer point of interest preference analysis, vehicle specification review, and terrain analysis. The result? Frustrated outdoorsman and missed opportunities.


Time Consuming

Traditional route planning consumes a substantial amount of time.



Part of the pre-planning process involves setting expectations, this typically creates a false expectation for the experience before it happens.


Route Constraints

Travelers are locked into a single path, missing out on flexibility and real-time adjustments, leading to missed opportunities.

We empower RV travelers to embark on great journeys


Adaptable Preferences

Adjust preferences on a daily basis, ensuring an adaptable and personalized travel experience that accounts for changing needs and evolving environmental conditions.


Real-time weather overlays

Not only keep you informed but also offer the ability to reroute your journey when inclement weather threatens your travel plans, ensuring safety and peace of mind on the road.


Dynamic cell signal analysis

Dynamic cell signal analysis that goes beyond connectivity, ensuring travelers stay within the appropriate data signal strength for their needs. It intelligently warns travelers if signal strength could interfere with their daily needs, providing a seamless and uninterrupted travel experience.


Tailored routing

mintropy is your personal navigator, taking into account your vehicles specifications, scenic preferences, and desire for backroads, all while helping you discover ideal stay locations for a well-prepared journey tomorrow. With mintropy, every route is uniquely designed to make your travel experience truly yours.

Two-year action plan

Charting our travel innovation course.

Feb, 2023

Market/User analysis

May, 2023

Product analysis and Schematic design

Sep, 2023

MVP development

Jan, 2024

Beta testing

Apr, 2024

Regional launch

Jun, 2024

National launch

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