Energy Efficiency in Controlled Environment Agriculture: The Role of CHP Systems

June 29, 2023 / 5 mins read


As the global demand for sustainable food production continues to rise, the agricultural industry faces the challenge of finding innovative solutions to increase productivity while minimizing environmental impact. In this pursuit, Mintropy, a leading engineering company specializing in energy solutions, is at the forefront of transforming the way energy is harnessed and utilized in agriculture. One of our key contributions lies in the implementation of Combined Heat and Power (CHP) systems, revolutionizing energy efficiency in greenhouse cultivation, indoor vertical farming, and cannabis production. Let’s delve into the transformative power of CHP systems in these sectors.

CHP Systems: Unlocking the Potential of Efficient Energy Management

At Mintropy, we recognize that controlled environment agriculture (CEA) techniques hold immense potential for year-round, secure, and cost-effective food production. However, the energy requirements of these facilities pose a significant challenge. That’s where CHP systems come into play, offering an innovative solution that optimizes energy usage, reduces costs, and ensures sustainability.

Cannabis Cultivation: Pioneering Sustainable Energy Solutions

The cannabis industry demands precise climate control for optimal cultivation, leading to substantial energy consumption. By implementing CHP systems, cannabis cultivation facilities can minimize energy costs, lower their carbon footprint, and enhance energy security. Mintropy’s tailored CHP solutions flatten electric demand, maximize efficiency, and provide long-term cost savings. With the ability to generate electricity while capturing waste heat, our solutions offer a competitive advantage, positioning cannabis cultivators for success in a rapidly evolving industry.

Greenhouses: Nurturing Sustainable Food Production

Greenhouses play a vital role in meeting the rising demand for local, healthy, and environmentally friendly food. However, their energy-intensive nature requires a smart and sustainable energy solution. Mintropy’s CHP solutions are well-suited to meet the diverse energy demands of greenhouses, providing efficient power, heating, cooling, and humidity (dehumidification) control. By harnessing all outputs, including carbon dioxide (CO2) produced during fuel combustion, these systems optimize growing conditions, enhance crop yields, and promote sustainable food production.

Indoor Vertical Farming: Cultivating in a Controlled Environment

The burgeoning field of indoor vertical farming offers immense potential for efficient food production in urban areas. However, high capital and energy expenses associated with lighting, heating, cooling, and dehumidification pose significant challenges. Mintropy’s CHP engineering capabilities offer a comprehensive solution by meeting consistent onsite demands for electricity and thermal energy. This not only reduces costs but also ensures a resilient and sustainable operation for indoor vertical farms.

Driving Sustainable Transformation

Mintropy’s commitment to sustainability extends beyond the implementation of CHP systems. We actively engage with utilities, explore interconnection agreements, and assess potential upgrades to gas services, ensuring a seamless integration process. Our team of experienced engineers meticulously selects HVAC/D equipment, pumps, chillers, and optimizes energy infrastructure to create a competitive facility that thrives in a rapidly evolving industry.

Controlled indoor cultivation systems


In a world where energy efficiency and environmental sustainability are paramount, Mintropy is revolutionizing energy management in the agriculture industry through the implementation of CHP systems. By leveraging the power of combined heat and power, we empower cannabis cultivators, greenhouse operators, and indoor vertical farmers to achieve their production goals while minimizing costs and environmental impact. As we continue to advance our technologies and collaborate with industry partners, we are excited to contribute to a future of sustainable and resilient food production. Together, let’s pave the way towards a greener, more prosperous agricultural landscape.

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