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Energy Efficiency in Controlled Environment Agriculture: The Role of CHP Systems

As the global demand for sustainable food production continues to rise, the agricultural industry faces the challenge of finding innovative.

indoor cultivation facility power load

How To Calculate Your Indoor Cultivation Facility Power Load – Free Calculator

Indoor cultivation facilities are energy intensive operations, and clients often underestimate the power requirements needed for their facility.  To that.

reduce indoor cultivation energy costs

Cannabis Cultivation Facility Design: Strategies to Reduce Indoor Cultivation Energy Costs

The following is a preview of a Guest Post we provided for the National Cannabis Industry Association’s member blog. Indoor.

vpd cannabis cultivation

VPD Cannabis Cultivation: Understanding Vapor Pressure Deficit

Vapor pressure deficit (VPD) refers to the difference between moisture that is found in the air and how much moisture.

commercial grow room design plans

Commercial Grow Room Design Plans | How To’s

The cornerstone to creating any commercial grow facility, such as those needed in cannabis cultivation, requires a well-thought-out layout and optimum mechanical systems..

vpd explainer

Understanding the Importance of VPD Design and HVAC

VPD stands for ‘Vapor Pressure Deficit’ which is the difference between the moisture found in the air and how much.