How To Calculate Your Indoor Cultivation Facility Power Load – Free Calculator

May 5, 2021 / 3 mins read

indoor cultivation facility power load

Indoor cultivation facilities are energy intensive operations, and clients often underestimate the power requirements needed for their facility.  To that end, we created this Power Requirements Calculator, so you can see if your potential indoor cultivation facility can handle the anticipated load without requiring an upgrade to service.

This calculates your anticipated energy load, assuming Spydr LED lights in the flower rooms and RAZR4 LED in the mom/veg rooms. If you plan to use HPS, this will further increase your facility’s power requirements (and future operating costs).

To complete, enter in your anticipated square footage for flower rooms and mom/veg rooms, along with the remaining square footage of the facility. Note, this calculator assumes 80% canopy utilization for the room square footage, so a 1000 sf flower room will convert to 800 sf of canopy.

Your incoming service line must provide amps greater than the calculated load. Typical service amps provided are below.

  • 400A
  • 600A
  • 800A
  • 1200A
  • 1500A
  • 1800A
  • 2000A

Note that this calculator is an initial calculation based on general assumptions to generate the mechanical load. HVACD design choices can result in a significant variation in energy load and operational costs. For further assistance in Feasibility, Due Diligence, or Engineering Design to convert an existing building into an indoor cultivation facility, reach out to us today!

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