Veterinary Clinic | 1515 E. Hyde Park Boulevard

Mintropy was involved in a Veterinary Center build-out at this location with its own unique challenges. Our team had the task of creating an interior veterinary office within an existing mixed-use building. The building itself was already utilized as a commercial/residential structure. We approached this problem in the way that Mintropy always does – with efficiency and a results-oriented approach.

In our veterinary build-out for this property, the team had to demolish the existing toilet area to increase the available working room. Next, we had to delineate a series of rooms that the veterinary offices would need to function correctly, including:

  • A waiting area sufficient for the number of clients, together with an attached reception desk area
  • Two (2) business offices
  • Four (4) examination rooms that would be large enough to accommodate animals of varying sizes
  • Two (2) toilets, one male, one female
  • An x-ray room
  • An isolation chamber
  • A pharmacy
  • A treatment area
  • Dental department
  • Dog ward
  • Surgery
  • Mech room
  • Staff lounge
  • A utility room

We used the existing floor plan of the building to gauge where each room would fit, along with the areas that should remain untouched. We engaged designs of previously established veterinary offices to give us an idea of the scale and scope of the project. Mintropy’s efficiency was crucial here since the amount of space and material was limited.


  • HVAC high filtration efficiency design

  • Building automation

  • Compressed air

  • Oxygen Systems

  • Electrical Distribution system design

  • Lighting Design


Examination Rooms


X-ray Room


Revised Electrical Service

This project required significant amounts of planning and research, as well as follow-up. Permit approvals are a delicate business, but Mintropy’s personnel are well-versed in the application process and managed to guide our clients efficiently through the red tape. We dealt with the permit application process and the online forms required, keeping things simple for our client throughout the process.