Botanical Sciences Cannabis Cultivation Facility

Mintropy provided MEP design services for a 15,000 sf cultivation and extraction facility in Glenville, Georgia. The goal of this project was to provide precise temperature and humidity control for the grow spaces with energy efficiency in mind, while also designing systems to enable a future expansion into a 100,000 sf facility.

The HVAC design included a 470-ton water-cooled DesertAire system, including hot gas reheat, and condensate reclamation estimated to save 800,000 gallons of water per year. Pumps and Fans that serve the cultivation rooms utilize variable frequency drives in order to dehumidify the environment without overcooling the spaces. The grow rooms were designed with N + 1 equipment redundancy to mitigate the risk of future equipment outages/maintenance impacting the customer’s grow rooms.

The Mintropy team, partnered with one of the most experienced commercial growers in the country, worked with the general contractor and subcontractors involved in the building process to ensure that the final design met the owner’s requirements and within budget.


  • Mechanical Design

  • Electrical Design

  • Plumbing Design

  • Light Fixture Placement and Schedule

  • Electrical Power Distribution

  • Emergency Power Distribution

  • Fire Alarm Design

  • Kitchen Design

  • Sanitary Drainage and Vent System


Energy Savings


Gallons of Water Savings Annually

470 ton

Water-Cooled DesertAire System

This project required significant amounts of planning and research, as well as follow-up. Permit approvals, particularly with cannabis facilities, are a delicate business, but Mintropy’s personnel are well-versed in the application process and managed to guide our clients efficiently through the red tape. We dealt with the permit application process and the online forms required, keeping things simple for our client throughout the process.