Float Spa | 939 W North Ave, Chicago, IL

Mintropy was excited with the opportunity to design for this unique spa space, featuring 5 3,000 lb deprivation float pods.

Special consideration had to be made for HVAC ductwork distribution in ensuring adequate dehumidification of the spaces, in addition to working closely with the architect in design of plumbing, drainage, and recirculation systems to ensure the final spa rooms maintained the sleek look captured by the pod designs.


  • Ductwork Distribution

  • Shower / Toilet Exhaust / Distribution

  • Modify Gas Distribution

  • Lighting System and Circuiting Design

  • Fire Detection and Alarm System Performance Specification

  • Electrical Distribution system design

  • Drainage and Venting system design

  • Domestic Hot and Cold water system design

  • Recirculation System Design


Float Pods




Volt / 3 Phase Revised Service

Mintropy’s engineers conducted multiple site visits to ensure we had full understanding of the building’s existing conditions in completing this unique tenant improvement process. We worked with the Architect and spa equipment reps in ensuring the space lived up to its design principles.