Chicago Public Schools

Mintropy received the task to help improve some of Chicago’s Public Schools by renovating their science departments. With schools aging and in need of renewal, the City of Chicago contacted us to help with their demands for electrical, mechanical, and plumbing for two (2) of the city’s refurbishment projects. In each of these cases, Mintropy had to plan and secure permits for the renovation of science classrooms.

Farragut High School:

Mintropy was instrumental in providing MEP engineering solutions as well as licenses and construction engineering documents for refurbishing this high school’s four (4) science classrooms. The total floor area that we dealt with for this project was approximately 4,400 square feet.

SPRY High School:

We also provided support in the form of MEP engineering for this project. We helped the school apply for and obtain permits and aided with construction engineering on the school’s Chemistry lab and Biology lab, a total floor space of 1,350 square feet.

Mintropy’s complete engineering solutions were ideal for each of these schools. Our multi- disciplinary engineering professionals allow clients to access a broad scope of works from a single company, keeping things simple. Mintropy was glad to contribute to the education system of the city in any way we could.

Key Features

  • 9 Chemistry labs
  • 3 Biology labs
  • 1 Computer labs
  • 2 Resource centers
  • 23 Classrooms
  • 20,000+ Sq. ft (combined)


  • Science/Lab room design
  • Fume Hood Exhaust design
  • Acid Neutralizing basin for Lab Sinks
  • As-built site surveys
  • Classroom design
  • Electrical Distribution system design
  • Technology Design (including security)
  • Lighting Design
  • Fire Alarm Design
  • Restroom Design


This project required significant amounts of planning and research, as well as follow-up. Permit approvals are a delicate business, but Mintropy’s personnel are well-versed in the application process and managed to guide our clients efficiently through the red tape. We dealt with the permit application process and the online forms required, keeping things simple for our client throughout the process.



20,000+ Sq.Feet






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