Elettric 80 Inc – HVAC Assessment

We went to Skokie, IL, to do this HVAC assessment for a building covering a sprawling 18,000 square feet. The client required an assessment to deal with the mitigation and removal of airborne infectious diseases. Naturally, Mintropy’s Mechanical and HVAC departments utilized their technical prowess to provide the client with some peace of mind. For this particular project, the clean operation of the HVAC system was the most crucial element. Our team delivered a report based on the in-depth assessment of the location’s HVAC system. Specifically, we covered:

  • The filtration system and overall cleanliness of the HVAC system
  • The disinfection of the HVAC system as well as overall system cleaning
  • The assessment of the system’s internal humidity, including during regular operations and the maximum range that the system may go through
  • The critical examination of existing HVAC components, as well as advice for replacement or upgrades based on expected load
  • The commissioning/operation of the system, as well as the Outside Air rates

As this facility is a renovated facility, the original HVAC system needed assessment to determine whether it would be suitable for continued operation. With such a large facility, dealing with the HVAC particulars, including cleaning and replacement, usually needs professional intervention. Mintropy was more than happy to provide this for our client.

Key Features

  • 6 HVAC systems evaluated within space
  • 7 HVAC retrofit mitigation solutions presented
  • 3 Weighted factors (outside air, relative humidity, & filtration) formulated for COVID mitigation rating scale


  • HVAC survey conducted by licensed Professional Engineer following CDC guidelines
  • Load calculations performed to determine proper system sizing
  • Developed a variety of COVID mitigation strategies accompanied by a solution rating scale
  • Client Presentation of solutions to building management


This project required significant amounts of planning and research, as well as follow-up. Permit approvals are a delicate business, but Mintropy’s personnel are well-versed in the application process and managed to guide our clients efficiently through the red tape. We dealt with the permit application process and the online forms required, keeping things simple for our client throughout the process.



14,000 Sq.Feet






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